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aaaaaaaah worked killed me.

I totally forgot Dirty Fest was taking place tonight.

Got out at 9 and headed over.

Everyone was there.

Tony, Charley, my brother, Kris and a million others.


REGGIE!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaah! I haven't seen him in forever!!!!

He used to date my friend Joylene.

He has the prettiest eyes.


It was weird going to a party with my brother.

The wrestling match was insane. People were beat with chairs and ladders. and there were thumb tacks on the floor of the ring.

Raphael brought his new chick. She is like 45.

my brother: "I didn't know I could bring my mom!"

I knew it was time to leave when I could see both a person peeing outside and a kid vomiting 2 feet away from me.

When we were leaving Kris goes "I wish you would just hurt me, just break me, get it all over with."

On my way home he calls and simply says "Don't break me."

I guess I am going to the flee market tomorrow with Kris and Big Shawn.

I am so tired.



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Rise and shine sweet cheeks.

why did I agree to work 1-9 today?

oh yeah,

I am broke from paying my insurance and need money.

At least I am working with Carly tonight.

So it will be a night of gossip ahwh.

I think I wil call amy tomorrow.

Noah said he has the Jimmy Eat World show to go to, but if I am not working, he wants to skip it and hang out with me? wtf?


I guess I have to go wash up.

People like it when you smell good.

Like Gap perfume.


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When I came home,

my mother told me my brother had come over earlier looking for me.

"he said somethig about your computer."

so I went to see him when I got home.

He was leaving to go pick Jill up from work.

I asked what was up.

"Fro Fro." he says.

"Do you mean Frou Frou?" I respond.

"Yeah, thats it."

"I'll give you some." I say.

why does my brother want Frou Frou?

and where did he hear of them?



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work sucked.

and it will tomorrow too (1-9)

Sunday is up in the open, kind of.

I took a step .. more like a leap . .

and now all I can do is wait to either be caught or fall flat on my face.

Talked to the loverly Tarrin tonight, <3 that gal.

I am going to go to bed.

I need to.

I am thinking too much.

Sleep puts the plug in my thought patterns.


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Nancy broke the silence of my digital imaging class to discuss my school career.

She will be giving me info on a few schools.

She would like to see me attend a school in either New York or Chicago.

She is the only one that really pushes me.

Even though I have skipped the her last 3 classes.

She didn't care.

Hung out with Shawn today.

We had fun doing not too much as usual.

Met his gangstuh friend at the providence place mall.

Bought Elliott Smith's Divison Day/No Name #6 cd.

One I didn't have.

Gap perfume.

I am tired.

Must be all the boys.

They are dragging me down.

Just stressing me out.

Because I want nothing to do with them. lol.

i am off to eat cake and go to bed.


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Things I need to do . .

1) write that damn paper for my in. Visual Arts class.

2) visit the one and only Sir.

I would rather execute the second.

I miss him dearly.

school awaits.

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Around 9AM Shawn and I left, ran errands and picked up Noah.

D n D first. "Do you have a dime?" "No, but I have a condom." "Hunny, I don't think that's gonna help."

1hr 15min we arrived at UNH CT.

Had a good time. Good food. Good tv. Good people.

on the way home was interesting.

"What do you want?" "you."

What the hell is going on?

Is there some flashing sign above my head that tells boys to get attached to me?

Because there are specifically two that want me and I want nothing to do with them.

Kris is . . just too young. . acts it too.

Noah is the same age . . is extremely attractive . . but just not for me.

I don't want either of them.

make em go away ahwhawh.

ima eat cookies and not do my paper.


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Hung with my cousin Shawn today.

We met up with Kris.

We made plans with Noah to go to New Haven tomorrow to hang with Cski! I am excited!

that's about it.


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I got the job at the dollar store on Bald Hill Rd.


They are remodeling the store and for a few weeks all they will have for me is 12 hours.

After that the hours will go up.

I don't know what to do.

I have to call the lady back on monday and let her know if I want to work there or not.

Does anyone know any other places that are hiring???

let me know.